Hacking Untuk Amal (Indonesian Hacking For Charity)…

Seeing so many disasters befall  to Indonesia, has draw our concerns to move, Through an event so called as “Hacking Untuk Amal or Hacking For Charity”, we are trying to do whatever we can do to help the victims. Each cents from “hacking for charity” will be donated to charity or directly to the victims , please support us and help us to simply relieve the grief of our country …
Thanks goes to the communities, and the steering committee from “Hacking Untuk Amal” which had invite me to be one of the speaker (Merapi chapter). Again thank you very much for the opportunity, it was a honors for me to get involved. Also great thanks goes to the participant.
From the activity, we had collect some funds which has been delivered to the Merapi eruption’s victims. Total funds collected IDR 1.350.000. Here are some picture relate with the events:
Adi Nugroho, founder of MuslimHackers.Net, speaks about WiFi Hacking
The refugees camp…
For more information you might refer to the official website from this event, the site using Bahasa Indonesia, you might translate using Google translate.

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