Hints for your important data

Remember that your backups are the key to recovering your system in case of a disaster. Back up all of your files, and follow these rules:

  • Encrypt your backups if they contain sensitive data.
  • Keep extra backups off-site in a locked, fireproof location. You don’t want a fire, lightning, or some other disaster to wipe out your system and your backups at the same time. Usually third-party couriers can provide this service.
  • Secure your backup tapes or disks in locked areas with a sign-out sheet. Don’t leave them on a desk for someone to steal or mistakenly use.
  • Never bring out young backup device out from your secure place (home, office, etc), to avoid when you accidentally left it on public area.
  • Verify your backups. Check periodically to make sure they’ve been produced correctly and haven’t been damaged in any way. Many consultants tell horror stories about systems that owners thought were backed up that were not, either because backup tapes were faulty or were not being properly rotated.
  • -sks. (That typically rewrites only the header.) The process of overwriting and deleting may need to be repeated several times to make the backup completely secure. In some cases, bulk degaussing may be required.
  • If you’re throwing backups away, destroy the media first (by burning, crushing, or shredding.) Commercial service providers can degauss, shred, and disintegrate media, rendering it particle-sized. Locate these services in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet. Of course, make sure to provide for secure transport to the destruction facility.
  • Consider buying an automatic backup program that runs full or incremental backups (without your intervention) every night. There are also services available to encrypt and back up your data over a phone line to an “electronic vault.”

Hope it’s useful for you. Remember, to backup up all your important file regularly.

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