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Here are some documents to help you understand some file formats/headers, for file format fuzzing purpose: WAVE PCM soundfile format (RIFF) ZIP File format specification MPEG File format GZip File format SWF File format TIFF File format EXIF File format ID3Tag File format (v.2.3.0) PNG File format […]

Sometimes when you want to config something, it contains the comments from the developer which will help us to figured out which options of arguments will be used. But if you are already familiar with the configuration, comments are so annoying, so here is how to eliminate them (using apache2.conf as example): or write it […]

Day-to-day system administration encompasses many activities, but most focus on keeping your computers and networks running smoothly by maintaining equipment, making sure there’s sufficient space on the system disks, and protecting the system and its software from damage. Examples include making sure users can’t modify system software; checking each new release of a vendor’s software, […]

How do you know when you’ve been attacked successfully? That question has been posed by administrators and intrusion analysts for a long time. The methods used for detecting successful attacks used to be more art than science. Luckily, various tools are now available to make intrusion detection much more science than art.  With that said, […]

Application proxy firewalls are the most intelligent firewall architecture. By intelligent, we mean that an application proxy firewall can perform the most detailed inspection on data before making a filtering decision. An application proxy firewall can decode and process at the application layer the data contained in packets.Consequently, application proxy firewalls can filter based on […]

Remember that your backups are the key to recovering your system in case of a disaster. Back up all of your files, and follow these rules: Encrypt your backups if they contain sensitive data. Keep extra backups off-site in a locked, fireproof location. You don’t want a fire, lightning, or some other disaster to wipe […]