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For those who want to search a vulnerable version of applications during vulnerability assessment or penetration testing, take a look at ShodanHQ new feature, a ShodanHQ Exploits Search Engine. It support CVE, OSVDB, Security Focus BID, Microsoft Security Bulletin(MSB), and Exploit-DB. Just input the application, device, brand, or version and it will give you the […]

inSSIDer is the first award-winning wi-fi scanner to come out of the woodwork since the netstumbler era. Use inSSIDer to war drive or troubleshoot Wi-Fi channel placement. This program will display all Wi-Fi access points within range and display their MAC address, SSID, RSSI, Channel, Vendor, Encryption, Max Rate and Network Type. Use the filters […]

I have created a script that contains of local privilege escalation exploits that was published by Tavis Ormandy via between October – November 2010. Take a look at here 201011-0day-linux-exploit.tar.bz2 (md5sum: 266e5981888fd2ab061248c692e04742) *Update: I rename the file and make the script more comfort. Please note that I am not responsible for the misuse of […]

NodeZero is Ubuntu based linux designed as a complete system which can also be used for penetration testing. NodeZero uses Ubuntu repositories so your system will be always up to date. The system setup is basic and it’s primarly designed for disk installation and customization as you want.

After looking for a kate-like editor for gnome, i found geany… :D, it’s a kate -like editor.. and this is what i need, an editor with integrated shell and file browser, if you don’t know about geany and search for kate-like editor in your gnome, i sugest you to try geany. list of text editors

Metasploit has released DLLHijackAuditKit v2 to determine DLL vulnerabilities that still existing in the wild. This tool will scan possible DLL vulnerability and log the result to CSV file. DLLHijackAuditKit v2 can also make a PoC (will try to hijack the DLL and running calc.exe, of course this is optional) to be sent to the […]

andiparos merupakan fork dari Praos Proxy. sama seperti Netsparker tool ini di tujukan untuk pengujian keamanan aplikasi web, tool ini adalah tool opensource. Ada beberapa hal yang menjadi fitur dari tool ini: Smartcard support BeanShell support History Filter (URLs) Tag requests in history dan beberapa peningkatan lainya Link Download.