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Finally, after 2 months of wildness life (prepare my team {the 9 tails team} for Gemastik 2011 Hacking Contest, with 24h of craziest training I’ve ever made!), it’s time for me to have a little break in here. Today post is about hacking lab stuff. In case you need to search for hacking lab for […]

For those who want to search a vulnerable version of applications during vulnerability assessment or penetration testing, take a look at ShodanHQ new feature, a ShodanHQ Exploits Search Engine. It support CVE, OSVDB, Security Focus BID, Microsoft Security Bulletin(MSB), and Exploit-DB. Just input the application, device, brand, or version and it will give you the […]

inSSIDer is the first award-winning wi-fi scanner to come out of the woodwork since the netstumbler era. Use inSSIDer to war drive or troubleshoot Wi-Fi channel placement. This program will display all Wi-Fi access points within range and display their MAC address, SSID, RSSI, Channel, Vendor, Encryption, Max Rate and Network Type. Use the filters […]

I have created a script that contains of local privilege escalation exploits that was published by Tavis Ormandy via between October – November 2010. Take a look at here 201011-0day-linux-exploit.tar.bz2 (md5sum: 266e5981888fd2ab061248c692e04742) *Update: I rename the file and make the script more comfort. Please note that I am not responsible for the misuse of […]

After looking for a kate-like editor for gnome, i found geany… :D, it’s a kate -like editor.. and this is what i need, an editor with integrated shell and file browser, if you don’t know about geany and search for kate-like editor in your gnome, i sugest you to try geany. list of text editors

Written in Python, i try to make a simple fuzzer for FTP server. This script will try to fuzz the commands like APPE, USER, LIST, CWD, can find all commands here 😉 This script is simply a modified version from muts simple ftp fuzzer during offsec training 😀 Hope you like it 🙂